Terms of Use

Please read the following Terms of Use before using clip art from this website.

Here are the ways each type of clip art may be used:

1. Clip art that were submitted by Liz A or by Guest:

โ€“ all images are free for personal use

โ€“ all images are allowed to be edited/ altered

โ€“ commercial use/ for profit: up to 10 images may be used commercially per person or small business for free

โ€“ watermarks may be removed except if re-posting online at a size greater than 500px x 500px

โ€“ if removing watermarks, please give credit to sweetclipart.com (not required if using an image as an avatar/ small logo, or for offline projects)

2. Clip art were submitted by Public Domain:

โ€“ all images are free for both personal and commercial use (unlimited!)

โ€“ all images are allowed to be edited/ altered

โ€“ giving credit to sweetclipart.com is not required (but appreciated)

Examples of what I consider โ€œpersonal useโ€ of this clip art:

โ€“ crafts, blogs, social media, teaching materials, school projects, presentations, decorations, invitations, flyers, newsletters, posters, free magazines, free ebooks, videos, animations, free games, free apps, business cards, logos (without copyrights or trademarks), charity fundraisers, school fundraisers, products created as gifts or for non-profit organizations, etc.

Examples of what I consider โ€œcommercial useโ€ of this clip art:

โ€“ Teachers Pay Teachers products, smart phone apps for sale, book publications, handmade crafts for sale, products in online stores (such as Etsy or Zazzle), etc. (anything that is being sold for non-charitable profit)

Sweet Clip Art images may *NOT* be used in any of the following ways:

โ€“ using the images for hate speech, violent content, or adult content

โ€“ selling the images as NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

โ€“ use of the images by larger businesses for mass production of products

โ€“ copyrighting, trademarking, or claiming ownership of the images

Permission does not need to be requested for acceptable uses of these images.

Thank you for your interest in Sweet Clip Art and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚