Welcome to Sweet Clip Art!

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Here at Sweet Clip Art you will find a large collection of awesome .PNG clip art designs and fun coloring pages available for non-profit use for absolutely free! There are no fees, no subscriptions, and no watermarks. New clip art is added regularly!

Not everyone can afford expensive subscriptions to stock image websites, and good quality free clip art can be hard to find. At Sweet Clip Art, you will find high quality, high resolution, delightfully designed clip art; the kind you would normally have to pay for.

If you would like a version of an image in .SVG (scalable vector graphics) format, or in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format, feel free to contact me here.

For more information about this clip art, see the Terms of Use.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the free clip art! :)


About the creator of Sweet Clip Art:

My name is Liz Aragon and I'm an artist from the California Bay Area. Besides clip art, I enjoy creating webcomics and surreal paintings. Some of my other artworks can be seen on my website lizaragon.com.

I launched Sweet Clip Art in August 2011 and it began as a one-artist clip art project. I personally drew more than 1500 of the images on this website.

More recently, I’ve grown this project to include clip art from guest artists as well as public domain images that I edited or colored.


Guest Artists who have contributed clip art designs to this website:

Wendy Sefcik

Hallow Graphics

Clayward Studio

White Lions

J. Zielinksi